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The impact of organic calcium to honeybees

Kolbina L.M., Brandorf A.Z., Ivoilova M.M., Pralnikov A.V. The impact of organic calcium to honeybees // MATERILY OF KONFERENCI 53 NAUKOWA KONFERENCJA PSZCZELARSKA, PULAWY. - 8-9  marca 2016. - Р. 20-21.

Minerals - important elements that make up the hormones, vitamins and other substances that have a significant influence on the physiological processes in an organism of honeybees. Lack of micro- and macroelements observed in honey bees exposed zoogenic factors.Due to lack of minerals in honey bees is reduced resistance to unfavorable factors. In beekeeping is widely used stimulating feed of different origins order to reduce the negative impact of environmental factors on the immune status of honey bees and increasing their biological characteristics.

The purpose research - study the impact of carbohydrate-mineral feeding on honeybees. Developed and implemented bee colonies feeding. Feeding consists of organic calcium obtained from oyster shells adsorbed on the sugar cube, it is the exactly dosage form of single use. For the experiment prepared experimental and control groups of bee colonies. Bee colonies fed sugar syrup 100 ml (1:1), the experimental group was added to the syrup of carbohydrate-mineral feeding.

A result of application feeding bee colonies of the experimental group was a high laying ability of queen bees in excess of queen bees in the control group by 1.3 (Р≤0,01). Application of feeding increases the yield of marketable honey by 26.5%, reaching a maximum of 31 kg of the experimental group, which exceeds by 63% the maximum performance of the control group. Feeding influences on biological characteristics of bee colonies in winter. In the experimental group showed the economical use of carbohydrate feed, a high percentage of conservation of force (90-100%). The highest effect of stimulating feeding is marked in small bee colony (4-6 frames).

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