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Queen rearing criteria in the North-East of European Russia

Ivoilova M. Queen rearing criteria in the North-East of European Russia //Materialy (Abstract) of 21 international Apicultural congress SICAMM and DDB, 20 -21 October. - 2016, Lunteren (Netherlands). - P.12-13.

A queen bee is responsible for genetic potential, growth and development of a bee colony. Quality of a queen-bee depends on a number of ecological factors (Krivtsov, Bylash, Borodachyov, 1999). Determining these factors facilitates rearing of queens with high laying ability and high resistance to diseases and other external factors (Brandorf, Ivoilova, 2015).

The queens were reared by means of: grafting system, graftless system using the Jenter comb; and graftless system using the Jenter comb and feeding the larvae with APIKAR (APIKAR contains: Calcium catbonicum, Acidum folicum,Cyanocobalamin which are adsorbed on a sugar lump). The following colonies were formed to carry out the research: 12 breeding colonies, 21 queenless cellbuilding colonies, 20 drone producing colonies.

In the study we have established:

1. In artificial queen rearing the most efficient way is graftless system with use of artificial combs which increases the number of reared queens with the biggest weight.

2. It is best to select queens at the stage of capped cells while discarding cells which are less than 22 mm long.

3. It is recommended to rear queens in the swarming period (May to June) with average daily temperature +16 to + 28°C and the nectar flow not more than 1.2 kg a day, which increases the number of virgin queens by 10-20% and their laying abilities by 16% and a short period of reproductive status change.

4. An important criterion increasing the efficiency of artificial queen rearing is the use of supplementary feeding. A highly effective way is feeding with APIKAR which increases the number of reared virgin queens by 1.7 times and their laying abilities by 1.2 times.

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